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I'm engaged! Now what?

First of all, congratulations! We recommend that you begin to look for your wedding gown one year before your wedding date. Bridal gowns take about six months to be delivered after they are ordered, and alterations tend to take around 3 months. It's best to give yourself plenty of time! Request an appointment to try on a wedding dress with us here.

It's my first time trying on wedding gowns. How should I prepare for a fitting?

Deep breaths, no worries.

Step 1. The first step is to set your budget. Don't forget to include costs like taxes and alterations in this budget. You'll also want to aside 10-20% of this budget for shoes, a veil, and accessories. Set this amount, and stick to it! Our consultants will never push you to purchase a dress out of your budget. 

Step 2. Figure out what you like ahead of time! Do some research on what gowns fit your style and body type (check out this article for that!) Keep these ideas somewhere (like a Pinterest board!) and share it with us before your appointment (here's our Pinterest page). Your consultant will get a better idea of your style and taste and you'll have a more productive fitting. 

Step 3. Choose your shopping party! Bring your mom or sister and a close friend or two, but limit your group to 2 or 3 people. We can accommodate larger parties, but a lot of opinions can be confusing for your shopping experience. 

Step 4. Come and see us for your appointment! Bring any accessories and shoes you might already have, and wear simple, unpadded, nude underwear. When it comes to the appointment itself, don't be afraid to try on something you weren't originally interested in, our consultants are very good at picking out styles based on your recommendations, body shape, and budget. However, trust your instincts! If a dress isn't right for you, you'll know. You'll also know when you've found the one because you simply can't take it off!

What is the price range for your wedding gowns?

Our dresses typically range from $800 to upwards of $3,000. Whatever your price point is, we can find the perfect dress for you.

What size range do you carry?

Our dresses typically range from size 0 to 22, however we proudly carry a selection of plus size dresses that go up to size 32 for our curvy brides. 

Wedding dresses are expensive. How should I pay for it?

We typically recommend that you pay half of the cost of your wedding gown up front, and then the rest when you pick it up.

I want to try on a certain dress that you don't currently have in store. Is there any way you can get it?

Absolutely! If you have a specific dress style from a designer we carry, we can order a sample for you to try on in store, and we can also order that dress if it's the one! We can also recommend other similar styles of gowns we have in-store.

My consultant told me to order a gown that is larger than what I usually wear. Is this okay?

Absolutely. Bridal gown sizes are typically very different than normal clothing, and it is always better to order a size up than down. Taking in a dress is easy, letting a dress out... not so much. 

So I just bought a wedding gown. Now what?

Expect a call from us within a week with your delivery date. Delivery can take up to six months (sometimes less!) because your gown is handcrafted for you. We will call you when your dress comes in. 

I need alterations done on my dress. What do I do?

We recommend coming in at least three months before your wedding date. Alterations typically require three fittings, with about a month in between each. They generally cost between $100 and $600.

Bridal Party Questions

When should I start looking at dresses for my bridal party?

We recommend looking for your bridal party's dresses at least three months ahead of time. We offer bridesmaid and junior bridesmaid dresses, mother-of-the-bride/groom dresses, and flower girl dresses. We can also do alterations on each.

I just made an appointment for my girls to try on bridesmaids dresses. How should we prepare?

Come armed with your Pinterest board (or share it with our Pinterest page ahead of time!) Similar to your fitting, have an idea of what you want in mind ahead of time and our consultants will help you find the perfect ensemble. Bring any accessories and shoes you might already have, and we recommend that you have the girls wear simple, unpadded, nude underwear.

What is the price range for your bridal party dresses?
What size range do you carry?
I know what color I want my bridesmaids to be, how should I look for dresses?

Feel free to look through our bridesmaids dresses online for a style you like, and then visit the designers website to see if they carry the color you are interested in. Chances are they will! If you visit us in store we have color swatches of every color the designers carry that you are free to look at. 

Some of my bridesmaids are from out of town, how should they get their dresses?

Tuxedo Questions

My groom still needs a tuxedo! What should we do?
What is the price range for your tuxedos?
What size range do you carry?
How should we prepare for a tuxedo fitting?
So we ordered tuxedos from The Bridal Boutique. Now what?
The wedding was a success! How do we return our tuxedos?

General Store Questions

What forms of payment do you accept?
What is my best chance of getting the lowest possible price on my dress?



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